Friday, February 14, 2014

Kenn works on "Inequality for All" about Robert Reich

Update from Kenn:  My most recent work as Archival Supervisor can be seen in INEQUALITY FORALL, out now on DVD and blu-ray. In the film, economist and professor Robert Reich, former member of the Clinton cabinet, gives an eye-opening and surprisingly entertaining analysis of the American economy -- where it’s come from and where it’s going. The film also becomes a portrait of Reich himself, a smart, funny man whose passion for helping the underdog has followed him since boyhood, and whose love of his UC Berkeley students is all too clear. In fact, Reich’s class (shown extensively in the film) was the most popular single class on campus, with close to 700 students attending his lectures each week.
INEQUALITY FOR ALL won a Jury Prize at Sundance, and was picked up for both theatrical and home distribution by Radius, a division of TWC. Producers Jen Chaiken and Sebastian Dungan, and director Jake Kornbluth, were terrific to work with, and I’m is hoping to do another project with them again soon.
Previous project:  HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE, produced by David France and Howard Gertler.
Current project:   In addition to consulting on several projects, I’m working with A Million Images, LLC on a film about American novelist, journalist, adventurer and photographer Jack London.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Changing women's portrayal in stock photos

As reported by Claire Cain Miller for The New York Times -- "Ms. [Sheryl] Sandberg’s nonprofit organization,, is to announce on Monday a partnership with Getty Images, one of the biggest providers of stock photography, to offer a special collection of images that it says represent women and families in more empowering ways."