Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review -- Boston Final Cut Pro User Group

Thank you to Loren Miller of BFCPUG for his March 3 review of Archival Storytelling! He writes: "Archival Storytelling puts producers straight about fair use, public domain, licensing, and clearance of media-based intellectual property: original films, books, music, newspaper headlines, photos and artifacts. It is both scholarly and very readable... This authorative book belongs on every producer’s shelf."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fact checking and MILK

Documentarians aren't the only ones who need to keep careful track of historical evidence. Read the February/March issue of Written By (WGA), Richard Stayton's interview with Dustin Lance Black, Academy Award-winner for his excellent spec script, Milk. Black reports: "There are mountains of research...Three years' worth...There are also binders filled with newspaper clippings, photographs, bags with campaign buttons and posters, all of the usual stuff. When I finally set this script up with Groundswell and Focus, they asked for an annotated draft and the list of sources came in somewhere north of 300."