Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flickr and the Library of Congress makes available over 5,000 images from the U.S. Library of Congress. Using their tags system and powerful search engine, you can locate many of these images more easily than on the LC website. Or start at and browse through over 270 web pages of images. The images are available at a variety of file sizes and as they are in the public domain, can be freely used.

LIFE Magazine teams up with Google!

Good news: LIFE Magazine and Google have teamed up to make 10 million images shot by the magazine's photographers (and other non-photographic images in the LIFE Collection dating back to the 18th century) available to the public. The photos can be freely used for non-profit and educational purposes that do not require a license. The Google search engine for the 20% of the images already digitized can be found at and more of the collection is being added each day. Each high resolution image bears a LIFE watermark in the corner, but clean prints will be obtainable through in the near future. For Google's blog about the project, see .

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rabin article in Samzine

From Kenn Rabin, "Telling Stories with Archive" -- posted November 2 on Samzine, an indepth look at the ethical use of archival visuals, focusing on the PBS series Vietnam: A Television History.

Stills Audio Motion -- review!

In a November 30 posting on Samzine, "Steve Bergson reviews a new book that stands out because it tackles a difficult subject in a striking way....not so much a different approach as a new trail being blazed..." Read the review ... Thanks!